Monday, December 22, 2008

GNUmed Live CD howto

Trying the Live CD and experiecing GNUmed should be hassle free. Fortunately it is. Independent of what you run on your PC you can run the Live CD without leaving your working environment. Be it any Linux variant, MS Windows or Mac OS X.

I have had success with the free (GPLed) virtualization package by Sun called VirtualBox.

1.) Install Virtualbox on your PC
2.) Create a new guest e.g. Linux/Debian
3.) Connect the Live-CD download (binary.iso) file as a CD-ROM drive for that guest.

4.) Run it and experience GNUmed.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wiki updated to TWiki 4.2.4

For security reasons I have update our Wiki to the latest release.

To the user this should pose no problems. As a plus a new WYSIWYG editor is
now installed to make contributions even easier.

Please take a look at

GNUmed Live CD updated

A new GNUmed live CD is out. With the help of this CD one can testdrive GNUmed without altering the currently running environment such as operating system. No installation neccessary.

Just download the CD image and either burn it to a CD or set up VirtualBox, Vmware/Vmplayer, QEmu or the likes to accept the CD image as a virtual CD drive.

Just boot the CD in your physical or virtual PC/Mac and testdrive GNUmed.

GNUmed client 0.3.8 is included and configured to connect to either the public GNUmed server via the internet or connect to a GNUmed server included with the CD. No setup needed.

Have fun and please let us know how it works for you.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

GNUmed 0.3.8

This release fixes two more bugs:

        0.3.7 -> 0.3.8

FIX: missing gmI18N import in gmEMRStructItems
FIX: missing import of wx._core.PyDeadObjectError in gmDispatcher

As usual, get it from

No database changes, again.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

GNUmed 0.3.7

Hello all,

a new bug fix version has been released. The changelog:

                0.3.6 -> 0.3.7

        FIX: if a writable --conf-file was used the ignore language mismatch wasn't found
        FIX: do not use dummy name record anymore, fixes name deletion
        FIX: missing cfg = ... when exporting doc to disk
        FIX: tame overzealous validation code so adding external ID types on the fly becomes possible again
        FIX: do not announce new version twice in upgrade-availability message
        FIX: fix misguided wording in upgrade-availability message

        NEW: improve bug reporting for launchpad
        NEW: confirmation dialog before deleting document from tree context menu
        NEW: allow editing part comment in document part details dialog

Joe from Three Rivers Hospital greatly helped in finding the bugs.

As usual get it here:

And again, no database change is required.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GNUmed 0.3.6

      0.3.5 -> 0.3.6

        FIX: exception on missing .helpdesk when no backend profiles found, thanks Geordie
        FIX: exception on empty DOB in new patient wizard, thanks CHEF

No DB changes. Get it from

Saturday, November 08, 2008

GNUmed 0.3.5

Hello all,

this release again fixes a small bug just found:

0.3.4 -> 0.3.5

FIX: reversed logic when detecting new versions
FIX: further SQL improvements to language setting issue

The first item fixes detection of new versions over the web.
The second item further improves the SQL function which is
used to detect the database language setting to make it more
proof against future changes.

Again, the SQL fix should be applied manually to existing

- go to server/sql/v8-v9/fixups/
- remove "--" in front of "set default_transaction_read_only ..." in v9-i18n-dynamic.sql
- run psql -d gnumed_v9 -U gm-dbo -f v9-i18n-dynamic.sql

Newly bootstrapped databases will have it right away.

Get it here:


Thursday, October 16, 2008

GNUmed client 0.3.3

A quick preliminary announcement:

0.3.3 has been uploaded. It contains the following fixes:

        0.3.2 -> 0.3.3

FIX: crash on Windows on bootstrapping on asking password with prompt containing "%s"
FIX: crash on trying to import document part due to readonly connection
FIX: crash on failure to set database language
FIX: crash on DOB "too early" for platform :-(
FIX: crash on very early failure when instantiating a cStaff object
FIX: crash on catching PyDeadObjectError which must be wx._core.PyDeadObjectError
FIX: crash on auto-setting encounter type for document-import-only encounters
FIX: failure to remember ignored database language mismatch
FIX: failure to one-step bootstrap databases when the authentication group was missing

NEW: improved EMR stats display: make clear that of total known problems only relevant ones are listed
NEW: improved EMR stats display: say "encounters" where "visits" was misleading

Please test !

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Eine neue Version von GNUmed behebt einige Fehler.

Neue Version

Diese Version funktioniert weiterhin mit der Datenbank version 8. Wer die schon hat muss an der Datenbank keine Änderungen vornehmen.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

GNUmed client on Ubuntu installation video


Joe has taken the time to produce a video that show how to install GNUmed client on Ubuntu and run it. I this series a few more videos are planned including setting up postgresql and getting a local database for GNUmed on you system.

The video is available from

Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Friday, September 26, 2008

GNUmed in Ubuntu Hardy

The updated version has finally reached the official Ubuntu update channel and will now be installed by default instead of the bugged version

Update on May 8th 2009:
Packages are now available through the GNUmed team's personal package archive on launchpad.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

GNUmed on the go (beta) - Introducing portable PostgreSQL

Hi all,

To follow up on my announcement there is now USBPg v9 available. What is USBPg ?

USBPg v9 is a relocatable PostgreSQL installation for MS Windows with the v9 GNUmed database included. This effectively means that you can now run GNUmed without any installation whatsoever from whatever directory you want. To go even further it now possible (TM) to run GNUmed client (0.3.2) and server (v9) from a USB drive.

1.) Download
2.) Extract it to any directory on your USB drive e.g. F:\USBPG_v9
3.) Run PortableGISMenu.exe

A small taskbar icon will appear and give you a menu.

4.) Select 'Start Postgresql', 'Stop Postgresql' or 'PgAdmin3'

You can now run GNUmed portable client or the locally installed client.

HINT1: The postgresql database server is configured to accept connections on localhost only but anyone on localhost - change accordingly in the postgresl configurations files if you dislike that.

HINT2: the portable Postgresql starts on port 5432 just as a locally installed client would - either change the port in the postgresql configuration file (but remember to change the port for the gnumed client as well) or simply
stop the locally installed postgresql so the portable server can start on port 5432

Have fun with GNUmed on the go (TM)

The download (47MB) is available at

Credits go to the fine folks of the FOSS community and Jo Cook for USBGIS (

Friday, September 12, 2008

GNUmed on the go (beta) - take the EMR with you

I am proud to announce that based on work I completed a year ago we can now have frequently updated version of GNUmed on the go (TM).

What is GNUmed on the go ?
GNUmed on the go is GNUmed for Windows packages to be run from a portable device such as USB drive without any installlation. No more dependencies. Run anywhere, anytime. Just doubleclick and connect to the server of your choice.

On top of that GNUmed portable has been packaged to fit right into the PortableApps USB drive solution (

This will cater for two groups of doctors. One group is forced to use MS Windows PCs and prefers to have gnumed run off any portable device such as USB drive, ipod or mp3player. The other group just wants to check out GNUmed on a local PC without taking care of any dependencies.

GNUmed_Portable_0.3.2.paf.exe installs right onto your USB drive which has portable app installed or in a directory of your choice on your PC.

Disclaimer: Do not use it for anything else but testing when installing on your local PC. Once you decide to use GNUmed on your PC we recommend a full installation as described over at

Planned: integrate with the portable
Planned: adapt the splash screen (now shows Abiword :-)
Planned: adapt the documentation

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bootstrapping for client 0.3.2 (version 9 db) on MS WIndows flying again

It has been some time since I last looked at the bootstrap process on MS Windows. After almost a day of work I am happy to report that the recent bootstrap scripts have been ported from GNU/Linux to MS Windows.

The Wiki has been updated to reflect recent changes like the recommendation to use PostgreSQL 8.3. Info has been added on the exact installation options for PostgreSQL on MS Windows.

Complete GNUmed setups (client and server) are now possible again. An installer package for MS Windows 'gnumed-server-v9.exe' will be available shortly on ''

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GNUmed now speaks portuguese

Rogerio Luz has contributed a translation file so GNUmed will appear with portuguese language.

GNUmed 0.3.2 released

A second bugfix release for GNUmed 0.3 series has been released.

Packages for various Linux distributions and MS Windows are available. See for more info.

The Changelog:

0.3.1 -> 0.3.2

FIX: exception on loading external patients if several config files define PRACSOFT source
FIX: exception on not finding any "previously used accounts" in config files
FIX: exception on accessing review status in document
FIX: exception when phrasewheel *thinks* there is a dropdown and receives <enter>
FIX: exception on __call__ing PyDeadObjects from dispatcher

NEW: fix encoding of so contributors have proper umlauts
NEW: do not at all handle DEL/BS in ResizingSTC to avoid weird cursor behaviour reported by user
NEW: annotate emailed bug reports to somewhat help Launchpad
NEW: add to bug report target if not configured

Friday, September 05, 2008

Help GNUmed by translating into your language

Online translation service is now usable. Help GNUmed by translating to your
language. Start now.

Friday, August 29, 2008

GNumed 0.2 --> 0.3 migration

Hi all,

Getting the latest GNUmed ist easy but here are a few issues to consider.

1.) GNUmed 0.3.0 needs a newer GNUmed database version then the 0.2 line (up to
GNUmed v8 is needed for the client and higher but version v9 database is needed for
GNUmed 0.3.0 and higher

If you have a stable and running client connection to version 8 of the database then you need to
update your database with the scripts called and call it like this:

" 8 9"

to go from an existing v8 to v9. This will *not* destroy your old database. You can still connect to v8 with
client but you can connect to v9 with client 0.3.0 and higher.

2.) If you are starting fresh you can simply use


GNUmed 0.3.0 for your Linux

Hi all,

GNUmed 0.3.0 packages for some rpm-based Linux flavors such as openSUSE , Fedora and Mandriva are now available
through the openSUSE build service.

Get the from Take a look at the Wiki
to find out more.

Server packages for version 9 will be announced once they are ready.

Get help by mailing us at if needed.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

GNUmed Release 0.3.0

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that GNUmed version 0.3.0 has just
been released.

Tarballs are here:

This time we had a fair bit of testing so I expect a slow
stream of bug reports only. Thanks to all who tested and
provided feedback so far !

The major new feature is Test Results Handling.

- configuration and logging has been redone
- documents are much improved
- printing, faxing, mailing
- external permalinks
- change type across all documents
- a lot more backend signals allow for realtime client update
- database downtime can be signalled to clients
- client can check for available upgrades
- progress note display much improved
- unsaved progress notes are warned before changing
patient or closing client
- progress notes support keyword based expansion (macros)

Debian: Note that this is NOT INTENDED FOR LENNY.

In this GNUmed release I have planted two Easter Eggs ...

Happy Hunting ! :-)


Monday, August 18, 2008

GNUmed Windows packages

The latest GNUmed version has been uploaded as Windows packages. Get them

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Please test GNUmed on Ubuntu Hardy


A bufixed version has been uploaded to Hardy-proposed repository. Please activate it trough synaptic and install the latest version.

Please report success or failure in this bug report or as a comment.

Friday, July 25, 2008

GNUmed 0.3 release candidate

Karsten has uploaded Release Candidate packages. Get them here:

Download, unpack, run the client from the tarball.

The database package is here:

But the public database is also available.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I have just release version which fixes a few bugs
and offers some slight improvements. There is no new
functionality. The changelog: ->

FIX: crash on HELP pressed in login window in non-english locale
FIX: crash on MacOSX due to title not having a default in OnSetTitle() in Manual HtmlWindow
FIX: crash on MacOSX due to missing .vals on Snellen Config Dialog
NEW: improved detection of writable user prefs file
NEW: improved wording on not finding a writable user prefs file
NEW: improved German

There are no changes to the database.

As usual, downloads are on


Saturday, July 05, 2008


Hi all,

A bugfix release for GNUmed is available. Version
No database change is necessary (we strive to never require
one for bugfix releases).

Get it while it's hot:

Prepackaged downloads (Windows, Mac) pending. See status at Debian, openSUSE, Fedora 8, Mandriva packages have been added to the repository.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Debian (beta3) for the N8x0 w/ XFCE

Debian is now available on the Nokia N810 internet tablet. They say that all Debian software in the armel repository works. GNumed is in the repository so I see no reason why it should not work.

Monday, May 26, 2008


The bugfix release is ready for download. Here is
the Changelog: -&gt;

FIX: crash on invalid input on tabbing out of year_noted in health issue edit area
FIX: crash on invalid input on tabbing out of age_noted in health issue edit area
FIX: crash on MacOSX on cancelling selecting patients from a list (busy cursor refcounting)
IMPROVE: properly stat() hook script on Windows

Monday, May 05, 2008

GNUmed on Ubuntu Hardy (8.04)

Hi all,

Quite some bug reports lately. Mostly because Ubuntu Hardy ships a outdated GNUmed version (

Thanks to Daniel Rocher there are now current GNUmed packages available for Ubuntu Gutsy and Hardy. Just open the Synaptic package management tool and add the following line as an additional repository.

deb hardy main

Then just install the new version of GNUmed (

Saturday, May 03, 2008

(X)medCon package available

Hi all,

xmedcon (Dicom viewer) packages are now available from my repository.

Pakete von xmedcon sind nun verfügbar für OpenSUSE, Mandriva und Fedora unter:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GNUmed Live CD

There is now a Live CD that carries GNUmed client

Die neue Live-CD enthält GNUmed

Download :

Sunday, April 06, 2008

GNUmed Live CD - next generation


Postgresql has been added to the Live CD. Instead of bootstraping a database I used the restoration of a database dump. Everything works out of the box after boot.

One can use GNUmed without internet connection right off the CD. V3 has been uploaded to


Eine neue Version der Live-CD ist verfügbar. Die CD enthält GNUmed und die passende Datenbank direkt auf der CD. Es ist daher keine Internetverbindung mehr notwendig.

GNUmed for Fedora 8

Hi all,

A bugfix release for GNUmed is available. Version

FIX: crash on adding new workplace
FIX: crash on --conf-file not writable for user prefs (live-cd)
FIX: crash on changing type on address due to missing s in %(type)s

No database change is necessary (we strive to never require
one for bugfix releases).

Get it while it's hot:

Prepackaged downloads (Windows, Mac, Debian) pending. See status at Fedora 8 packages have been added to the repository.

Monday, March 31, 2008

GNUmed - state of test results handling

There is some activity going on regarding lab result handling in GNUmed. Version 0.2.9 will carry means to handle lab data.

Some screenshots were published on the mailing list recently.

Monday, March 24, 2008

GNUmed Live-CD update

A new version of the GNUmed CD is being uploaded. This version can be
installed on a harddisk. Just type 'install' or 'expert'' at the boot prompt.

As always

Saturday, March 22, 2008

GNUmed CD - help needed

This is a call for help. I need a volunteer to update the live CD every once in a while (when a new release comes out every few months). This takes one hour or so to start and one more to build. You don't need to sit in front of your computer while it builds.

It would be your task to upload the resulting binary iso to our download server. CD building is really easy.

I have laid out all the step in

If you follow it step by step you have a CD in no time. Any help is appreciated.

Das ist eine Aufruf zur Mithilfe. Wir brauchen einen Freiwilligen, der alle Paar Monate eine neue CD erstellt ( immer wenn eine neue Version herauskommt ) Das dauert ungefähr zwei Stunden wobei man nur eine davon vor dem Computer verbringt.

Das Erstellen der CD ist sehr einfach. Ich habe den Prozess als Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung unter hinterlegt

Wer der Anleitung folgt hat in kürzester Zeit eine CD erstellt. Das gibt mir die Möglichkeit geliebten Menschen ( : -) im realen Leben zuzuwenden und nicht zuletzt die GNUmed-Entwicklung voranzutreiben.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


GNUmed is out.This is a bugfix release. A few issues with the default config file have been fixed as well as some bugs reported by our users. Next major release will be 0.2.9

Debian packages and openSUSE packages are available. MS Windows and other OSs should have packages soon.

Eine fehlerbereinigte Version wurde veröffentlicht. Pakete für verschiedene Betriebssysteme sind bereits vorhanden.

Mehr Informationen unter

Sunday, March 02, 2008

GNUmed Live CD available - CK edition

The GNUmed Live CD based on Debian has been finished. Right now it contains the client in version There is minor bug in it so there will be a newer Live CD shortly.

It has a graphical environment. Right now there is no local database so one needs to connect to the public database via Internet. Later revisions will include a local postgres database.

Die GNUmed Live CD basiert auf Debian und ist jetzt verfügbar. Aktuell ist die Version enthalten. Diese hat noch einen kleinen Fehler. Deshalb wird es bald eine aktualisierte Version erscheinen.

Die CD startet eine graphische Oberfläche. Es gibt aber noch keine lokale Datenbank. Es kann zum Testen daher auf die öffentliche Datenbank zugegriffen werden.

Download Live CD - CK edition

GNUmed auf den Linux Tagen Chemnitz

Gestern und heute fanden in Chemnitz die Linux Tage statt. In guter Tradition haben wir für GNUmed einen Messestand. Die Besucherscharen waren am Samstag gefühlt höher als am Sonntag.

Die Interessenten sind aus allen Bereichen der Berufswelt. Wir haben interessante Gespräche mit Technikern aber auch Ärzten und Bekannten von Ärzten geführt.

Häufig kommt auch die Frage nach einer Software für Zahnärzte aber da mussten wir an die entsprechenden Projekte verweisen.

GNUmed kommt gut an. Wir haben einige Demonstrationen durchgeführt. Karsten hat die Zeit genutzt und an der Datenbank Version 9 für das bald erscheinende GNUmed 0.2.9 gearbeitet. Dazu fand reger Kontakt mit den PostgreSQL-Entwicklern und den Debian-Leuten statt.

Ich habe die Chance genutzt und einen Fedora Maintainer angesprochen damit GNUmed ggf. bald auch in Fedora erscheint.

Leider war von hier kein Zugriff auf den Novell Build Service möglich, sodass ich noch keine Pakete für die Version erzeugen konnte.

Inzwischen habe ich an der Live-CD gearbeitet und hoffe diese bald hochladen zu können.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eclipse for GNUmed

The number of people taking a look at GNUmed is increasing by the month. One would assume that some would like to look at the code as well but have a hard time doing so. While many tech savvy know their way around ssh, cvs and shell scripts many are using MS Windows and know little about these tools. While I mostly develop on GNU/Linux I sometimes need access to GNUmed on Windows and MacOS X. On these platforms I use Eclipse. To ease the start we now share a prepackaged distribution as packaged on demand by Yoxos.

Get the file from

This distribution contains everything you need to get you hands dirty with GNUmed. It has an integrated python development environment. It has tools to look at and manipulate the database tables and it makes it painless to alway get the latest code or a specific release from the source code repository. One can even produce binary Windows installer packages for GNUmed.

For an easy start it has the source code for GNUmed included already. Download the package here and let us know what you think.

Prior to running Eclipse you need to make sure JAVA ist installed. Check for here.

Fast monatlich kommen neue Interessenten bei GNUmed hinzu. Es ist davon auszugehen, dass einige Besucher auf einen Blick auf den GNUmed Quelltext werfen möchten. Das erscheint oft schwierig wenn nicht täglich mit den Werkzeugen ssh, cvs usw. hantiert wird. Auch ich muss manchmal unter Windows und MacOS X an GNUmed arbeiten. Da hat sich Eclipse bewährt. Dank des on-demand-Angebotes von Eclipse-Komponenten durch Yoxos können wir hier eine vorkonfigurierte Entwicklungsumgebung anbieten.

Die Datei kann von geladen werden.

In dem Paket ist (fast) alles enthalten was für die Entwicklung gebraucht wird. Damit kann der GNUmed Quelltext leicht beschafft und aktuell gehalten werden oder sogar eine spezifische Version angeschaut werden. Weiter sind Programme entalten mit der Datenbanktabellen angeschaut und manipuliert werden können.

Um es einfach zu machen haben wir eine aktuelle Version von GNUmed schon eingefügt. Daraus können sogar die Windows Installationspakete erstellt werden.

Als Voraussetzung für Eclipse muss JAVA installiert sein. Prüfe hier ob es installiert ist.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

GNUmed for Mandriva

Packages for Mandriva 2008 are available from:

Packages for Mandriva 2007 are available from:

Powered by ScribeFire.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


v0.2.8.3 has been uploaded. Here is the changelog:

FIX: crash on not being able to open korganizer2gnumed.csv file
FIX: crash on saving progress note from single editor for new episode
FIX: MacOSX: crash on Move*InTabOrder() across sizers in allergy manager
FIX: crash on trying to edit workplace w/o plugins configured already
FIX: crash on faulty profile name in preferences
IMPROVE: on startup create ~/.gnumed/ if necessary


Monday, January 28, 2008

GNUmed updates for Ubuntu Feisty/Gutsy

Thanks to Daniel Rocher there are now current GNUmed packages available for Ubuntu Gutsy and Feisty. Just open the Synaptic package management tool and add the following line as an additional repository.

deb gutsy main
deb feisty main

Then just install the new version of GNUmed (

Dank Daniel Rocher haben wir jetzt aktuelle Pakete von GNUmed in Ubuntu Gutsy. Einfach Synaptic aufrufen und ein neues Repository hinzufügen:

deb gutsy main
deb feisty main

Dann einfach GNUmed (gnumed-client) installieren.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

GNUmed server packages available

Yesterday I had a nice surprise in my email inbox. Paul Grinberg from PCLinuxOS contacted us with a the announcement that he had built a server rpm which provides a painless setup of the GNUmed server backend. Imagine my surprise when a few tweaks to the spec file were enough to make this work on openSUSE.

Wow. We now have the full end to end solution available for users. All it takes is:

'zypper install gnumed-client gnumed-server'

Gestern erreichte mich eine E-Mail von Paul Grinberg von PCLinuxOS. Er hat für GNUmed ein RPM-Paket gebaut. Das Paket installiert Abhängikeiten wie PostgreSQL und erstellt dann eine aktuelle Datenbank auf dem eigenen PC. Zu meiner großen Überaschung bedurft es nur einer kleinen Änderung damit das Paket für openSUSE eingesetzt werden kann.

Wow. Jetzt haben wir eine Komplettlösung und es ist so einfach wie:

'zypper install gnumed-client gnumed-server'

Saturday, January 26, 2008


GNUmed has been released. This is mostly a bugfixing release. Quite a bit of testing on MS Windows and MacOSX has been going on. All fixes went into the future 0.2.9 branch as well.

Wir haben eine neue fehlerkorrigierte Version von GNUmed herausgebracht. Die Änderungen sind überwiegend durch Tests unter MS Windows und MacOSX enstanden. Pakete für Debian, Ubuntu und openSUSE sind jetzt verfügbar. MacOSX und MS Windows folgen in Kürze.

Linux Tage Chemnitz

Das GNUmed-Projekt wird dieses Jahr wieder bei den Linux-Tagen präsent sein. Wir werden GNUmed vorführen und zeigen was heute schon möglich ist. Wir hoffen auf interessante Unterhaltungen mit potentiellen Anwendern und Entwicklern.

We will be at the Linux Tage Chemnitz this year. They will be March 1st and 2nd. We will present GNUmed and show off what is possible today. Furthermore we hope for some interesting discussions with potential users and developers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

N810 is finally here

The Nokia N810 has finally arrived and I am looking into ways to get GNUmed running on it. GNUmed fails to compile for ARM because of python-uno but everything else works. The browser is great and it has GPS. Looks like a tool for house calls.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

GNUmed on Ubuntu (1)

Ubuntu Gutsy carries GNUmed client and it is incompatible with its psycopg2. There is a fix for that.
Add the following line to your sources.lst :

deb gutsy-updates universe

This will add another archive which contains a fixed (but outdated) version. The new version Hardy ships

Ubuntu bringt die GNUmed-Version mit. Die ist alledings inkompatibel mit psycopg2. Um an eine reparierte (aber veraltete) Version zu kommen muss folgendes zur sources.lst Datei hinzugefügt werden:

deb gutsy-updates universe

Die neue Ubuntuversion (Hardy) bringt GNUmed mit.

GNUmed - non German MS Windows

Looks like non German versions of MS Windows install GNUmed into the folder C:\Program Files\GNUmed-client. The start menu entry then fails to start GNUmed because of a whitespace in the application path.

This can easily be fixed by quoting the path. Navigate to the start menu entry for GNUmed as you would left-click it to start it. Now right-click on it and choose 'Properties'. Insert two pairs of double quotation marks like in this example.

"C:\Program Files\GNUmed-client\bin\gnumed.pyw" --conf-file="C:\Program Files\GNUmed-client\gnumed.conf"

This will be fixed in the installer for the next bugfix release.

GNUmed - bug reports

It is nice to see that since the inception of GNUmed semi-automatic bug reporting tool we get quite some feedback. Having the option to send the report via email including the logfile (very important) has generated just do much more helpful information. We have received bug reports for MacOSX and MS Windows but not so many for GNU/Linux. I assume this is due to Linux being the primary development platform.

I wish there was a way to relay the bugs to the bugtracker so they get stored there for reference.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

GNUmed - FOSS EHR Comparision and Unification

Fred Trotter and I had a short communication on what is involved to bundle resources among FOSS EMR projects. Well he came up with the plan to take a look at the feature sets of a few FOSS EMR applications. The goal could be to identify missing features and either unify applications or at least share some data.

A Google Spreadsheet has been created for that purpose.



A few bugs have surfaced in the released. We have released an update.

FIX: crash on setting Windows SetFocus() on dialogs in gm_show_*()
FIX: crash on passing identity to cDTO_Person.import_extra_data()
FIX: failure on PG server version checking on MacOSX (bootstrapper)
FIX: crash on MacOSX after clicking OK in Snellen config dialog
FIX: crash on missing slave personality
IMPROVE: do not crash on not being able to write to the config file
IMPROVE: touch user config file so it exists when needed

FIX: Absturz wenn SetFocus() in Dialogen von in gm_show_*() auftauchte
FIX: Absturz crash wenn eine Identität an cDTO_Person.import_extra_data() übergeben wurde
FIX: Fehler bei Prüfen der Postgre-Version auf MacOSX (bootstrapper)
FIX: Absturz wenn man in gmSnellen ok gedrückt hat.
FIX: Absturz wenn im config file die slave personality fehlte
VERBESSERUNG: kein Absturz mehr wenn das config file nicht schreibbar war
VERBESSERUNG: Anlegen eine Benutzer-config files falls Keines da ist.