Monday, January 28, 2008

GNUmed updates for Ubuntu Feisty/Gutsy

Thanks to Daniel Rocher there are now current GNUmed packages available for Ubuntu Gutsy and Feisty. Just open the Synaptic package management tool and add the following line as an additional repository.

deb gutsy main
deb feisty main

Then just install the new version of GNUmed (

Dank Daniel Rocher haben wir jetzt aktuelle Pakete von GNUmed in Ubuntu Gutsy. Einfach Synaptic aufrufen und ein neues Repository hinzufügen:

deb gutsy main
deb feisty main

Dann einfach GNUmed (gnumed-client) installieren.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

GNUmed server packages available

Yesterday I had a nice surprise in my email inbox. Paul Grinberg from PCLinuxOS contacted us with a the announcement that he had built a server rpm which provides a painless setup of the GNUmed server backend. Imagine my surprise when a few tweaks to the spec file were enough to make this work on openSUSE.

Wow. We now have the full end to end solution available for users. All it takes is:

'zypper install gnumed-client gnumed-server'

Gestern erreichte mich eine E-Mail von Paul Grinberg von PCLinuxOS. Er hat für GNUmed ein RPM-Paket gebaut. Das Paket installiert Abhängikeiten wie PostgreSQL und erstellt dann eine aktuelle Datenbank auf dem eigenen PC. Zu meiner großen Überaschung bedurft es nur einer kleinen Änderung damit das Paket für openSUSE eingesetzt werden kann.

Wow. Jetzt haben wir eine Komplettlösung und es ist so einfach wie:

'zypper install gnumed-client gnumed-server'

Saturday, January 26, 2008


GNUmed has been released. This is mostly a bugfixing release. Quite a bit of testing on MS Windows and MacOSX has been going on. All fixes went into the future 0.2.9 branch as well.

Wir haben eine neue fehlerkorrigierte Version von GNUmed herausgebracht. Die Änderungen sind überwiegend durch Tests unter MS Windows und MacOSX enstanden. Pakete für Debian, Ubuntu und openSUSE sind jetzt verfügbar. MacOSX und MS Windows folgen in Kürze.

Linux Tage Chemnitz

Das GNUmed-Projekt wird dieses Jahr wieder bei den Linux-Tagen präsent sein. Wir werden GNUmed vorführen und zeigen was heute schon möglich ist. Wir hoffen auf interessante Unterhaltungen mit potentiellen Anwendern und Entwicklern.

We will be at the Linux Tage Chemnitz this year. They will be March 1st and 2nd. We will present GNUmed and show off what is possible today. Furthermore we hope for some interesting discussions with potential users and developers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

N810 is finally here

The Nokia N810 has finally arrived and I am looking into ways to get GNUmed running on it. GNUmed fails to compile for ARM because of python-uno but everything else works. The browser is great and it has GPS. Looks like a tool for house calls.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

GNUmed on Ubuntu (1)

Ubuntu Gutsy carries GNUmed client and it is incompatible with its psycopg2. There is a fix for that.
Add the following line to your sources.lst :

deb gutsy-updates universe

This will add another archive which contains a fixed (but outdated) version. The new version Hardy ships

Ubuntu bringt die GNUmed-Version mit. Die ist alledings inkompatibel mit psycopg2. Um an eine reparierte (aber veraltete) Version zu kommen muss folgendes zur sources.lst Datei hinzugefügt werden:

deb gutsy-updates universe

Die neue Ubuntuversion (Hardy) bringt GNUmed mit.

GNUmed - non German MS Windows

Looks like non German versions of MS Windows install GNUmed into the folder C:\Program Files\GNUmed-client. The start menu entry then fails to start GNUmed because of a whitespace in the application path.

This can easily be fixed by quoting the path. Navigate to the start menu entry for GNUmed as you would left-click it to start it. Now right-click on it and choose 'Properties'. Insert two pairs of double quotation marks like in this example.

"C:\Program Files\GNUmed-client\bin\gnumed.pyw" --conf-file="C:\Program Files\GNUmed-client\gnumed.conf"

This will be fixed in the installer for the next bugfix release.

GNUmed - bug reports

It is nice to see that since the inception of GNUmed semi-automatic bug reporting tool we get quite some feedback. Having the option to send the report via email including the logfile (very important) has generated just do much more helpful information. We have received bug reports for MacOSX and MS Windows but not so many for GNU/Linux. I assume this is due to Linux being the primary development platform.

I wish there was a way to relay the bugs to the bugtracker so they get stored there for reference.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

GNUmed - FOSS EHR Comparision and Unification

Fred Trotter and I had a short communication on what is involved to bundle resources among FOSS EMR projects. Well he came up with the plan to take a look at the feature sets of a few FOSS EMR applications. The goal could be to identify missing features and either unify applications or at least share some data.

A Google Spreadsheet has been created for that purpose.



A few bugs have surfaced in the released. We have released an update.

FIX: crash on setting Windows SetFocus() on dialogs in gm_show_*()
FIX: crash on passing identity to cDTO_Person.import_extra_data()
FIX: failure on PG server version checking on MacOSX (bootstrapper)
FIX: crash on MacOSX after clicking OK in Snellen config dialog
FIX: crash on missing slave personality
IMPROVE: do not crash on not being able to write to the config file
IMPROVE: touch user config file so it exists when needed

FIX: Absturz wenn SetFocus() in Dialogen von in gm_show_*() auftauchte
FIX: Absturz crash wenn eine Identität an cDTO_Person.import_extra_data() übergeben wurde
FIX: Fehler bei Prüfen der Postgre-Version auf MacOSX (bootstrapper)
FIX: Absturz wenn man in gmSnellen ok gedrückt hat.
FIX: Absturz wenn im config file die slave personality fehlte
VERBESSERUNG: kein Absturz mehr wenn das config file nicht schreibbar war
VERBESSERUNG: Anlegen eine Benutzer-config files falls Keines da ist.