Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GNUmed Live CD

There is now a Live CD that carries GNUmed client

Die neue Live-CD enthält GNUmed

Download : http://www.gnumed.de/downloads/live-cd

Sunday, April 06, 2008

GNUmed Live CD - next generation


Postgresql has been added to the Live CD. Instead of bootstraping a database I used the restoration of a database dump. Everything works out of the box after boot.

One can use GNUmed without internet connection right off the CD. V3 has been uploaded to


Eine neue Version der Live-CD ist verfügbar. Die CD enthält GNUmed und die passende Datenbank direkt auf der CD. Es ist daher keine Internetverbindung mehr notwendig.


GNUmed for Fedora 8

Hi all,

A bugfix release for GNUmed is available. Version

FIX: crash on adding new workplace
FIX: crash on --conf-file not writable for user prefs (live-cd)
FIX: crash on changing type on address due to missing s in %(type)s

No database change is necessary (we strive to never require
one for bugfix releases).

Get it while it's hot:


Prepackaged downloads (Windows, Mac, Debian) pending. See status at wiki.gnumed.de. Fedora 8 packages have been added to the repository.