Friday, August 27, 2010

Thera-Pi - Software für die Physiotherapiepraxis

Ich hatte ja schon einmal darüber berichtet. Thera-pi ist eine Open Source Software für Physiotherapiepraxen. Mehrfach wurde versucht das Projekt mittels Hackerangriffen zu stoppen. Aber nun ist es voll einsatzfähig.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch.

Schauen Sie sich Thera-Pi an unter

GNUmed 0.8.0 released

Hello GNUmed community !

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of
GNUmed 0.8.0. This release comes with the following new

* Client *

NEW: Add button to lookup drug on to current substances
NEW: hook: "after_soap_modified"
NEW: placeholder: "current_meds_table::latex"
NEW: placeholder: "current_meds_notes::latex"
NEW: placeholder: "lab_table::latex"
NEW: placeholder: "latest_vaccs_table::latex"
NEW: score: Rome diagnostic criteria on obstipation
NEW: score: Cincinatti Stroke Scale (F.A.S.T.)
NEW: score: bacterial UTI algorithm
NEW: score: coronary artery disease in primary care
NEW: score: ABCDEF & Glasgow-7-points for identifying atypical moles
NEW: report: patients taking drug X
NEW: graphing of ranges of measurements (user-defined gnuplot scripts)
NEW: support emergency contact
NEW: support comment directly on identity
NEW: Add button to report ADR from within current substances plugin.
NEW: list view of database audit trail
NEW: management of vaccinations and vaccines
NEW: templates for writing a plugin [thanks S.Hilbert]
NEW: on Windows try to switch to "DejaVu Sans" font for improved
unicode display
NEW: demonstrable path to get up and running on Macintosh [thanks
NEW: useful error dialog when database connection lost
NEW: email log file on demand from menu
NEW: support Canadian MSVA format as external patient source

IMPROVED: GNUmed can now import the ARRIBA result as a document
IMPROVED: rename client/locale/ to client/po/ and adjust to that
IMPROVED: when enabling --debug during unhandled exception try harder
to log the exception in question
IMPROVED: more robust acquiring of data from image sources
IMPROVED: more medically-sound interval formatting
IMPROVED: another, more expected, way of calculating patient age
IMPROVED: edit non-name identity parts *directly* in demographics
plugin (no popup needed)
IMPROVED: show date-generated in patient picture tooltip
IMPROVED: much better icon [thanks J.Jaarsveld]
IMPROVED: show comment/emergency contact in patient search control
IMPROVED: re-add encounters to auditing
IMPROVED: show loinc info for test in test results EA
IMPROVED: much smarter result units phrasewheel
IMPROVED: DOB validity check when creating new person
IMPROVED: better layout of configuration listing
IMPROVED: medication formatting
IMPROVED: current medication patient handout [thanks C.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: pre-filter form template selection list based on purpose of
IMPROVED: default config file for running from tarball
IMPROVED: better support FreeDiams (0.4.2 now in Debian)
IMPROVED: EMR tree root note context menu
IMPROVED: generic lists can now have 3 extra buttons
IMPROVED: use substance rather than brand as allergene when creating
allergy from substance intake entry

* Database handling *

NEW: gm-set_gm-dbo_passowrd

FIX: during upgrade nullify empty clin.health_issue.laterality
FIX: properly use pg_dump: no more -d DATABASE [thanks S.Hilbert]

IMPROVED: bootstrapper now better detects utf8 ctype
IMPROVED: boostrap-latest: check for any previous version since all of
them would be dropped [thanks S.Hilbert]
IMPROVED: try to make su compatible with both MacOSX and Linux

Note that you *will* have to upgrade your database from v13
to v14 in order to use this release. This procedure is free
of risks for your existing v13 database and can be
re-attempted until successful as often as needed.

As usual, download your free copy from here:

Please report bugs.

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