Friday, January 13, 2012

GNUmed (optionally) gets simpler interface

GNUmed often is perceived as overly complex. There always are two sides to a story.

GNUmed was designed as a system that not only supports input of medical facts but output as well. The better and the more strucutred the input the more magic can be done while outputting the information. However structured input often is perceived as a burden by the clinican. The benefits are easily overlooked.

Just recently a new EMR software was started because of GNUmed's complexity. This particual physician wanted something simple.

From day one GNUmed was designed to seperate the user interface (exposed to the physician). This at least in theory gives the flexibility to run different interfaces on top of GNUmed's base system.

Long story we have listened to what you had to say and offer a simplified note taking plugin in GNUmed.