Monday, November 08, 2010

GNUmed deployment in Yei Sudan

Hi all,

Imagine my surprise when I was contacted just 4 days ago by someone who was
trying to deploy GNUmed in Yei Sudan.
This work is being done for Matthias Rossow, M.D.  and is one of your
(German) countrymen.  Matthias has done an unbelievable job putting together a
medical clinic, and is one of 3 physicians in Yei Sudan.  He has some
community health works that function nearly as physicians, and your EMR
(GNUmed) will allow him to monitor and communicate with these workers.  I
(Greg) can't take credit for the idea, but Matthias has asked me to set things

It would be better for his operation to be able to function via the server so
everyone can have access.  All of the Microsoft machines are laptops.

I'm impressed with what you have developed,and am going to install it in our
office when I get back to Texas.

This person was trying to set up a server on openSUSE 11.1 and clients on
Windows laptops.

The GNUmed log files have proven very valuable.

E-Mailing back and forth for 4 days led to a working deployment. Just a few
hours before the guy installing it had to head home to Texas we received the
following message.

We have it running.  Wish you were here, I would give you a cigar. Thank you
very much for all of your assistance!!!!

Here are just a few problems they face down there:

Internet speed is 300baud per second. there is just no way to download large
files. There is just no way to connect to a webbased server hosted in some
cloud in Europe or the US.

Electricity is shut show every night and available for a few hours during
the day

I wonder what the climate does to the hardware


Saturday, November 06, 2010

GNUmed 0.8.4 available for openSUSE and more

GNUmed 0.8.4 has been made available for openSUSE , CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva, RHEL, SLE.
Get it via openSUSE build service or from