Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to create new users in GNUmed

Every now and then I am contacted by someone asking me about the creation of new users in GNUmed. Note we are not talking about patients but users.

It works by creating a new person and promoting this person to a user from inside the GNUmed client. This last step will ask you for the password of 'gm-dbo'

By default the password for gm-dbo is:

on Windows : 'gm-dbpass'
on Ubuntu :

On Windows XP this works great. On Windows 7 there seems to be a problem with acceptance of the know to be correct password.

On Ubuntu there is no password. You have to set one yourself. This can be done with the help of the helper script 'gm-set_gm-dbo_password'. You need to change to user root. Then run the command like this: 'gm-set_gm-dbo_password yournewpassword' where yournewpassword is the password you choose.

It will respond with 'Alter role'. You can now use that password inside the GNUmed client for creating new users.