Saturday, September 26, 2009

GNUmed on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex

It seems quite a few people still use Ubuntu 8.10 aka Intrepid Ibex. When those users try to run GNUmed electronic medical record they are presented with a crash dialog right away.

GNUmed's crash handler catches those errors and sends them off for us to fix. So we did. Unfortunately there is no easy way to replace the broken GNUmed in Ubuntu or Kubuntu 8.10 with a fully fucntional one.

Ubuntu provides a place for updates. This is called a PPA and GNUmed provides updates for all major versions there.

Have a look at to find updates for Intrepid (8.10), Jaunty (9.04), Karmic (9.10).

This is obvious to techies but few users seems to be aware of it. I bet a lot of them think GNUmed crashes and that is it.

Users using Jaunty are in a similar situation. Karmic is the first release that ships a fairly stable version of GNUmed.

Hopefully many users will make the switch to Karmic to have a chance to evaluate GNUmed out of the box.

However, if you want the latest feature set even with Karmic be sure to visit

GNUmed 0.5.1 has been release a few days ago and brings quite a few neew goodies.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

GNUmed Live CD 0.5.1 available

GNUmed Live CD 0.5.1 is available from


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Follow GNUmed on

A new experiment.

Follow GNUmed on


GNUmed EMR server 'dead easy ' now available

Hi all,

Not everyone is a computer wiz. Moreover it seems that a lot of people are interested in GNUmed. Many of them do not handle the installation very well. While technically sound the installation up to this day required that you took the time to learn a bit about PCs and Operating systems. Over time we were drawn into a conversation along the lines 'Everyone else has an easier installation'. Engaging the user into a technical discussion is often pointless.

In the end I have decided to give the user what he or she wants. The current client and server installation packages now bring along everything needed. This has been the case for the client for quite some time and it has been largely successful.

Now the same is true for the server. GNUmed relies on the high quality database server PostgreSQL. It has always been the case that the administrator had to install and configure PostgreSQL. Most users are not administrator and failed right there. I therefore decided to take care of the PostgreSQL installation.

The advantage is that boostraping now runs without user interaction. The disadvantage is that I had to set a default password for the postgres account. I repeat I had to set a default password for the postgres account.

If you prefer to configure everything yourself (like you should) you still can.


Thera-Pi Physiotherapieprogramm kommt voran

Habe heute mal wieder auf den Seiten des Open Source Physiotherapieprogramms herumgeschaut. Sieht vielversprechend aus. Im Forum ist ordentlich Aktivität, der Downloadbereich bietet eine aktuelle Version.

Wer es sich anschauen möchte sollte besuchen. Wir wünschen Herrn Steinhilber viel Kraft bei der weiteren Umsetzung.

Sebastian Hilbert

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GNUmed server v11.1 is about to make its appearance

Windows is easier then Linux you say ? Think again.

On Linux all it takes is
'apt-get install gnumed-server'

On Windows it is a pain in the behind. No automatic dependency resolution. 5 to 6 prerequisite packages to track down, download and install.
To make it short. The avarage user interested in GNUmed did not manage to pull it off despite video installation guides.

Times are about to change. After countless hours of testing a first version of all in one GNUmed server package is available internally and will be made available shortly. This packages detects all missing dependecies including PostgreSQL and will do a silent installation of PostgreSQL for you. It will then proceed to copy the GNUmed server files to the disk and will attempt to boostrap. When using the supplied install of PostgreSQL the config files will be patched to provide for a unattended bootstraping.

Stay tuned.

GNUmed client 0.5.1 and server v11.1 now available

Hello all,

there's been precious little bugs in GNUmed 0.5 so far.
Fortunately, Thad recently found two which I fixed. So
there's the 0.5.1 release now:

Client changelog:

0.5.0 -> 0.5.1

FIX: be more careful when deleting measurement types - they could be in use
FIX: faulty access to "pk" column after creating measurement type from phrasewheel
FIX: missing "import os" in measurement widgets code
FIX: improved starting of new encounter from SOAP widget

NEW: install ARRIBA jar into /usr/local/bin
NEW: man page for gm-install_arriba

Database changelog:

11.0 -> 11.1

FIX: SQL: add missing view clin.v_narrative4search

If you wanted to search the EMR for a string you know you
need the database fix ;-)

Here are the tarballs:

There is a fixup shell script provided with the server
tarball which when run will apply all the needed fixes.


Monday, September 14, 2009

GNUmed EMR 0.5.0 Live CD is available for download

Hi all,

GNUmed EMR Live CD is available for download from

(md5sum 9af2a609b80a92109643c53b904896c1 gnumed-live-0.5.0.iso)

It includes a fully configured and bootstraped local database.

One can use this CD to testdrive the GNUmed EMR without installing anything or the need for an internet connection.

BTW. Thanks Andreas for the quick fixes to the GNUmed packages.

Take care,


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vmware mouse grab problem and losing focus outside 640x480

I have been updating my system (OpenSUSE) and suddenly my Vmware virtual machines stoped working. I search the web but did not find a lot. The problem is that the virtual machine cannot get focus when clicking in it with the mouse. The only thing that help was Ctrl-G to grab the mouse but it would lose focus when moving the mouse outside the area of 640x480 pixels.

This apparently is a problem with Vmware and GTK. There is a fix as I have learned.

Use "export VMWARE_USE_SHIPPED_GTK=force" in a shell prior to starting vmplayer.

Details are here in the Vmware forums (but hard to find)

GNUmed client 0.5.0 and server v11.0 now available for Ubuntu

Hi all,

Apparently the call for packages did not yield any response. To provide existing users with upated packages I have taken the time to do it. Good part about it. There are now up to date packages. Sad part. Most likely Ubuntu will fall behind as I cannot promise I will have the resources to keep up in the future. That would really be a pity.

Anyway. For now add the GNUmed PPA to your sources list and install the GNUmed Open source electronic medical record.

More info visit the GNUmed website at

Monday, September 07, 2009

GNUmed Ubuntu packages

The GNUmed team has had Ubuntu packages for some time now. Fortunately version 0.4.7 of the client and v10 of the server will ship with Karmic. Those are pretty stable versions and hopefully this time it is diffent from Jaunty where GNUmed would crash on every user.

None of the core developers use Ubuntu on a day to day basis. Most of them use Debian which make Ubuntu packages a breeze since one can simply convert the Debian packages.

As more OSs and distros are supported the packaging job puts a heavy burden on a few people.

The GNUmed team is looking for a volunteer to spend around 30 minutes per release ( every 3 months or so) to Ubuntunize the Debian packages.

The procedure is laid out in the Wiki in the Ubuntu section. Any help is appreciated.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

GNUmed 0.5.0 ready for openSUSE and Debian

Hi all,

GNUmed client 0.5.0 and server v11 are now ready for download for openSUSE at

Client 0.5.0 is ready for Debian at

If you have any questions or problems don't hesitate to see

What's new in GNUmed 0.5.0:

Take care,