Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GNUmed client 0.5.1 and server v11.1 now available

Hello all,

there's been precious little bugs in GNUmed 0.5 so far.
Fortunately, Thad recently found two which I fixed. So
there's the 0.5.1 release now:

Client changelog:

0.5.0 -> 0.5.1

FIX: be more careful when deleting measurement types - they could be in use
FIX: faulty access to "pk" column after creating measurement type from phrasewheel
FIX: missing "import os" in measurement widgets code
FIX: improved starting of new encounter from SOAP widget

NEW: install ARRIBA jar into /usr/local/bin
NEW: man page for gm-install_arriba

Database changelog:

11.0 -> 11.1

FIX: SQL: add missing view clin.v_narrative4search

If you wanted to search the EMR for a string you know you
need the database fix ;-)

Here are the tarballs:

There is a fixup shell script provided with the server
tarball which when run will apply all the needed fixes.


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