Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GNUmed server v11.1 is about to make its appearance

Windows is easier then Linux you say ? Think again.

On Linux all it takes is
'apt-get install gnumed-server'

On Windows it is a pain in the behind. No automatic dependency resolution. 5 to 6 prerequisite packages to track down, download and install.
To make it short. The avarage user interested in GNUmed did not manage to pull it off despite video installation guides.

Times are about to change. After countless hours of testing a first version of all in one GNUmed server package is available internally and will be made available shortly. This packages detects all missing dependecies including PostgreSQL and will do a silent installation of PostgreSQL for you. It will then proceed to copy the GNUmed server files to the disk and will attempt to boostrap. When using the supplied install of PostgreSQL the config files will be patched to provide for a unattended bootstraping.

Stay tuned.

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