Sunday, September 13, 2009

GNUmed client 0.5.0 and server v11.0 now available for Ubuntu

Hi all,

Apparently the call for packages did not yield any response. To provide existing users with upated packages I have taken the time to do it. Good part about it. There are now up to date packages. Sad part. Most likely Ubuntu will fall behind as I cannot promise I will have the resources to keep up in the future. That would really be a pity.

Anyway. For now add the GNUmed PPA to your sources list and install the GNUmed Open source electronic medical record.

More info visit the GNUmed website at


andrewsomething said...

The package in the Ubuntu archives is a direct sync from Debian where the package is maintained by the Debian-Med Packaging Team. They seem to have already uploaded the new packages to Unstable. Even though it is past feature freeze for Karmic, you could file for an exception. [1] If approved, the package could be synced straight from Debian.

I decided to look into this, but I can't seem to find any sort of summery of changes in the new releases. There's no changelog in the tarballs. The website links to a roadmap with some features described as being in beta. [2] Not sure what to make from that.

Anyways, I can confirm that the packages in Unstable successfully build in Karmic.


Sebastian Hilbert said...

GNUmed 0.4.7 is the better pick for Karmic as it is a lot more tested and stable.

GNUmed 0.5.0 or higher should go into Karmic+1 or the like.

Thanks for taking the time to evaluate this.