Saturday, September 13, 2008

GNUmed on the go (beta) - Introducing portable PostgreSQL

Hi all,

To follow up on my announcement there is now USBPg v9 available. What is USBPg ?

USBPg v9 is a relocatable PostgreSQL installation for MS Windows with the v9 GNUmed database included. This effectively means that you can now run GNUmed without any installation whatsoever from whatever directory you want. To go even further it now possible (TM) to run GNUmed client (0.3.2) and server (v9) from a USB drive.

1.) Download
2.) Extract it to any directory on your USB drive e.g. F:\USBPG_v9
3.) Run PortableGISMenu.exe

A small taskbar icon will appear and give you a menu.

4.) Select 'Start Postgresql', 'Stop Postgresql' or 'PgAdmin3'

You can now run GNUmed portable client or the locally installed client.

HINT1: The postgresql database server is configured to accept connections on localhost only but anyone on localhost - change accordingly in the postgresl configurations files if you dislike that.

HINT2: the portable Postgresql starts on port 5432 just as a locally installed client would - either change the port in the postgresql configuration file (but remember to change the port for the gnumed client as well) or simply
stop the locally installed postgresql so the portable server can start on port 5432

Have fun with GNUmed on the go (TM)

The download (47MB) is available at

Credits go to the fine folks of the FOSS community and Jo Cook for USBGIS (

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maiku said...

Tested and working. Thanks!!!