Friday, September 12, 2008

GNUmed on the go (beta) - take the EMR with you

I am proud to announce that based on work I completed a year ago we can now have frequently updated version of GNUmed on the go (TM).

What is GNUmed on the go ?
GNUmed on the go is GNUmed for Windows packages to be run from a portable device such as USB drive without any installlation. No more dependencies. Run anywhere, anytime. Just doubleclick and connect to the server of your choice.

On top of that GNUmed portable has been packaged to fit right into the PortableApps USB drive solution (

This will cater for two groups of doctors. One group is forced to use MS Windows PCs and prefers to have gnumed run off any portable device such as USB drive, ipod or mp3player. The other group just wants to check out GNUmed on a local PC without taking care of any dependencies.

GNUmed_Portable_0.3.2.paf.exe installs right onto your USB drive which has portable app installed or in a directory of your choice on your PC.

Disclaimer: Do not use it for anything else but testing when installing on your local PC. Once you decide to use GNUmed on your PC we recommend a full installation as described over at

Planned: integrate with the portable
Planned: adapt the splash screen (now shows Abiword :-)
Planned: adapt the documentation

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