Thursday, October 16, 2008

GNUmed client 0.3.3

A quick preliminary announcement:

0.3.3 has been uploaded. It contains the following fixes:

        0.3.2 -> 0.3.3

FIX: crash on Windows on bootstrapping on asking password with prompt containing "%s"
FIX: crash on trying to import document part due to readonly connection
FIX: crash on failure to set database language
FIX: crash on DOB "too early" for platform :-(
FIX: crash on very early failure when instantiating a cStaff object
FIX: crash on catching PyDeadObjectError which must be wx._core.PyDeadObjectError
FIX: crash on auto-setting encounter type for document-import-only encounters
FIX: failure to remember ignored database language mismatch
FIX: failure to one-step bootstrap databases when the authentication group was missing

NEW: improved EMR stats display: make clear that of total known problems only relevant ones are listed
NEW: improved EMR stats display: say "encounters" where "visits" was misleading

Please test !

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