Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to contribute templates

We have started a Wiki page to support sharing templates you have created for GNUmed (all kinds of reports, letters, medication lists etc.)

Please send your template via e-mail to We will then have a look, check it in our systems and upload it. You might attach it (see Attach at the bottom) here as well.

Please provide:

filename: e.g. medication_list.tex
description: e.g. a list of past and prestent medications taken by the patient
version: e.g. 0.1 please increase the version when you update the template
date: when was it you created the template
targeted GNUmed version: e.g. 0.8.x
license: GPL , FDL or anything you would like
source: either your name or 'VCS' when it gets incorporated into the main GNUmed repository

We hope to have a lot of templates up for download soon.

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