Monday, February 14, 2011

GNUmed - job openings

This is not meant to be overly serious. However below is a bit of information what it would take to develop GNUmed from scratch. I encourage everyone to apply for one of these jobs. You will be reimbursed by the respect from your peers and the cosy feeling of having done the right thing.

GNUmed public relations manager

It will be your job to handle all kinds of communication with interested parties such as media, users, developers and either respond yourself or forward the issue to one or more people on the team that might handle the issue more profound. Furthermore it will be your job to research document and shape if neccessary the GNUmed project's visibility in media , search engines and user/developer communities. When new releases are made it part of the job to forward information or press releases to interested parties and parties that might have interest.

GNUmed wiki manager

It will be your job to document important information from all kinds of sources (e.g. design discussions on the mailing-list). You will be responsible for updating content as the need arises (e.g. new GNUmed release). It will be part of the job to work with the public relations manager and the IT-system administrator to keep the Wiki running and secure. This includes monitoring security related announcements. Furthermore it will be your job to initiate and work on improvements to the content and usability of the Wiki with regards to GNUmed users and developers.

GNUmed system admin

It will be your job to keep the infrastructure such as webserver, buildserver running. You will be responsible for security related issues and it is expected of you to initiate, plan and execute inprovements to the infrastructure.

GNUmed release manager

It will be your job to communicate with all parties regarding new releases of the GNUmed software. You will working with the PR manager and the system admin. It is your responsibility to ensure the availability of packages for all major platforms. You will be responsible for the creation and availability of demo media such as Live-CD, VMware images.

GNUmed webinterface developer

It will be your job to work with all other developers to develop a webbased interface for GNUmed. Preferred technologies are python based frameworks and a modern UI framework (e.g. AJAX, HTML5, no Flash). It is exprected that you have very good skills in python, Javascript, webframeworks or are willing to invest significant time into learning those skills in a reasonable timeframe. You will work with the interface designer to develop and deploy an interface that fits a physician's workflow.

GNUmed medical user interface designer

It will be your job to design medical user interfaces (web, fat client) that fits physician's workflow. You are expected to communicate with all developers including the webinterface developer and the core developers. You should have at least basic knowledge in python. It is expected of you that you have good skills or are willing to learn interface design and that you keep in mind industry standards.

GNUmed application developers

It will be your job to research , develop and deploy the GNUmed application. You will be responsible for creating , documenting and maintaining a solid database backend based on proved database technology (e.g. PostgreSQL). You will be writing code to abstract the user interface from the backend. It is essential for senior application developers to have excellent python, wxpython, SQL skills and a track record of active communication with all team members.

GNUmed application documentation manager

It will be your job to work with the developers and testing specialists to establish and keep up to date all programming information, guidelines, manuals. You will be working with users to find out what information is missing and you will be responsible for creating missing content. You will be responsible for setting up

GNUmed application testing specialist

It will be your job to establish a toolchain and testbed for continous testing of all aspects of the GNUmed application. You will be responsible for creating test routines and working with developers to turn test results into a better application.

GNUmed application support specialist

It will be your job to take care of the infrastructure to handle incoming support requests. You should furthermore have experience in triaging support requests and working with application developers and all other team members until an issue is resolved. It is part of the job to gather missing information and interact with the inquiring party until a solution has been found.

GNUmed translator

It will be your job to translate the user interface, the technical and user
manuals and the online content into a number of languages. It is part of the
job to work with users and developers to find the correct translation not only
literally but context-wise and language-specific


Nate Osit said...

Where do we sign up? I'm interested in helping any way I can!

Hotwheels said...

I'd also like to help, where can I start the process?

Sebastian Hilbert said...

You are welcome to join the GNUmed community by introducing yourself on our developer and user mailing list.

It would be great if you could spread the word.

For a start it would be awesome if you could install GNUmed and report any problem you cross.


for ways to help us out. Any help is appreciated.

GNUmed team.

Mary said...

I would like to help as well, what can I do?