Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is there a need for a single-PC GNUmed ?

Following up on the issue of GNUmed's user interface.

In some countries the health system requires overly complex user interfaces and smart EMR and in some countries it seems to be possible to build you own EMR on OpenOffice and a Spreadsheet program.

I wonder if anyone feels that a special (reduced) version of GNUmed would make sense.

This version would
a) be non-network capable and therefore ship its own local (not systemwide) Postgresql (hidden from the user
b) get rid of server profiles in the login dialog (just one local server)
c) be Windows-only as non-systemwide installations of e.g. Postgresql on Linux and Mac is way too much work
d) have a local (non system wide) installation (hidden from the user) of Latex and pre-configured batch file for printing

I do not have the time to produce and maintain this but anyone wanting to do this can speak up.

It would be a one-time effort of 20-40hours (automate the changes) and another 2 hour effort for every GNUmed update.

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