Monday, February 14, 2011

Ubunteros - we need you for GNUmed

Providing packages for various distributions is both challenging as well as rewarding. Many users are greatful when GNUmed is packaged for their favorite distribution. The challenge comes from the sheer number of operating systems and Linux distributions.

If you are a happy Ubuntu user and would like to support GNUmed by cooking up Ubuntu packages we would very much appreciate that. The nice thing about Ubuntu packages is that they pretty much stem from Debian packages without any change. And since Andreas Tille has continously provided high quality packages for Debian producing Ubuntu packages can be produced in about 30 minutes.

Please help out by donating 30 minutes each time a new version of GNUmed is released. Fellow Ubuntu users will be greatful. Help doctors install and update easily so they can have the best tools available to treat patients (which one day could be you)

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