Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Billing/invoicing for GNUmed

There is an ongoing effort to provide some basic invoicing for GNUmed. Looking around
it looks like the packages sql-ledger, lx-office and ledgersmb will be evaluated. This is largely
due to the fact that ledgersmb and lx-office are forks from sql-ledger.

All three packages are webbased and written in perl. It seems possible to call functions not only
via the web interface but from the commandline as well.

This makes it suitable for GNUmed which tries to avoid implementing its own invoicing solution
and rather makes use of existing software.

A rough guide on what is planned can be found in the wiki at

We need help with the implemenation. If you feel you could benefit from invoicing for GNUmed
please join the team.

We recommend you subscribe to gnumed-devel@gnu.org mailing list and introduce youself.
Any help is appreciated.

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