Thursday, June 17, 2010

GNUmed client 0.7.5 - call for testing

Hi all,

Please install and test GNUmed (its client and its server). The respective packages are gnumed-client and gnumed-server. The Personal Package Archive currently holds version 0.7.4. This is especially important for Ubuntu users since we are trying to get 0.7.5 into Lucid-proposed. I will try to upload 0.7.5 to the PPA today.

A Russian Ubuntu user (10.04) has reported a segfault when trying to start the client. We are not aware of any problems on the GNUmed side so any testing done by Russian Ubuntu users is very welcome.

We consider 0.7.5 a huge step forward compared to 0.6 which ships with Lucid. So your testing will directly make a difference for all current and future GNUmed users on Ubuntu.

More information is available at

Best regards,
Sebastian Hilbert
GNUmed Team

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