Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GNUmed 0.8 to be - in screenshots

Word of mouth has it that a release candidate of GNUmed 0.8 series is about to be released. From recent postings on the mailing list here are some bits we can expect:

In April 2010 arsten first mentioned vaccination handling and posted a screenshot:

Then on Apr 29th a pdf was posted showing of the improved current medication table in the LaTeX
format. This is now much more suitable for patients wondering how they should take their medication.

Beginning of May lab result plotting appeared:

Demographics editing was improved and a screenshot posted.

Still in May a more meaningful tooltip on the patient picture (it will show
the date the picture was generated) was announced.

Before the month was over this was announced :
This is the start of the third tab in the demographics
plugin, dubbed "Social Network", which is poised to become
the hub and spokes of the human network the patient is part

Note that you can link a person within this same database
but you don't have to. You can also just write a comment in
the field below and leave the top line empty.

If there is a link to another patient it can be activated
from there straight away.

Also note how this screenshot nicely shows the tabbing
together of possibly unrelated windows into one "tab group"
-- one could imagine to tab together a few instances of
GNUmed or some such.

After improvement of the tooltip:

Then two days later progress on vaccination handling was reported:
This is GNUmed showing the (only but) latest Tetanus
injection Kirk got, right in the EMR summary. Next to it a
listing of his vaccination history ordered reverse

The "latest shot" logic will work correctly across single-
and combi-indication vaccines.

Note the new icon John provided.

For reasons not fully understood still in May ...

It's the little things that count:

Observe the Sum sign behind the indication in the EMR
summary vaccination list. It shows the total number of
vaccinations for this indication the patient has received.

A poor man's vaccination plan ... ;-)

An then some days ago (June finally) this appeared:

In the attached screenshot observe how the patient search
field tooltip shows the emergency contact for the patient as
well as the comment on this person.

Below the listing of drugs also note the "UAW" (German for
ADR) button which takes you to a (configurable) website for
reporting an adverse drug reaction.

In June the vaccination user interface was discussed again and the latest version was this:

Looks like this will be a feature packed release for the clinician. There now is a solid foundation for vaccination handling, medication lists, emergency contact handling and much more.

From the discussion it seems that a few more interesting goodies are in the pipeline.

* GNUmed client and server have once again be tested and made to work on the Mac OS platform
* GNUmed on Windows now installs and runs without ever installing python, wxpython or friends
* GNUmed bootstraping now works without ever installing python or friends
* Lx-Office/sql-ledger and ledgersmb have been identified as candidates for billing interfaces
* Preliminary survey data suggests that ICD-coding and billing are the most wanted features.

Join us for a discussion. Head over to wiki.gnumed.de or leave your comment here.

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