Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Billing for GNUmed - ready for action

The following workflow has been documented and is therefore ready for someone to implement

let GNUmed search for a client in the ledger application
if it exists open a browser and jump to invoice creation page
if it does not exist create it in the datbase and open invoice creation page
if multiple matches for client search term exist open browser and let user select the one
let GNUmed open a browser and jump to the "unpaid invoices page"

All info is at http://wiki.gnumed.de/bin/view/Gnumed/BillingLxOffice

Now it is only a question of implementing this. IOW someone has to code it.
Most of this is pure python. That means apart from creating a few menu entries
in GNUmed there is not too much GNUmed code involved. If you are going to
attempt this and need help with e.g. getting the current patient in GNUmed
just yell and let us know.

While this sounds overly complicated it is not. Even for beginners this is a reasonable effort.

All the nifty details like clean code, documentation etc. can be worked on after a first implementation.

Now it is up to you when GNUmed will have billing features.

Happy coding,


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