Thursday, May 27, 2010

GNUmed electronic medical record 0.7.4 available for Ubuntu

GNUmed EMR 0.7.4 has released . This is a bug fix release. One of the issues
that are fixed is an issue that came during installation on Ubuntu Lucid server edition.

GNUmed 0.7.4 replaces the version that ships with Ubuntu Lucid. It is available from
the PPA.

Download and full instructions are available from the GNUmed wiki.

It is nice to see that so many Ubuntu users are reporting bugs which makes it easy
for us to release stable versions.

The next major release (0.8) will tackle handling of vaccinations as well as completing

There has been good progress with translations but we need ever helping hand we can
get. Translations are in launchpad and therefore it is easy to contribute to GNUmed.


Dan said...

Is 0.7.4 a significant enough change (i.e., not just bug fixes) to warrant the fixes not being cherry-picked to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS's lucid-proposed?

Sebastian Hilbert said...


I would think so. All our major releases are feature releases. 0.7.x series is better suited from the physician's point of view. I am not aware of any changed technically that would break Lucid as 0.7.4 builds all the way back to Jaunty.

We would welcome the update very much. However since we have released 0.7.5 a few days ago i would wait until Debian has 0.7.5 packages. The 0.7.4 packages (I have released a Live-CD with it) but I would wait for 0.7.5. This is the fith bug fix release and should be pretty solid.

GNUmed 0.8.0 is around the corner but this will be a feature release again and reality shows that is usually takes two minor releases until it becomes solid.

Best regards,