Wednesday, May 05, 2010

GNUmed 0.7.2 on Ubuntu

A few days ago a person from Russia reported a problem concerning
GNUmed on Ubuntu Lucid.

We hope we have a fix for that.

GNUmed 0.7.2 has been released. It would be great if Ubuntu users could try it. There
are no Ubuntu packages yet. But I wonder if anyone would be willing to test if from the tarball we provide,

For the client there is a script called

Please run this as normal user.

in the subdirectory client. This will start the client 0.7.2. And in the
server tarball in the directory bootstrap there is a script called

which will now hopefully accept the Russian postgresql configuration. Please run this
as root.

Ubuntu packages will appear as soon as Debian packages come out. This can take
a couple of days.

Any help is appreciated.

GNUmed team


Evgeny "nekr0z" Kuznetsov said...

There's no link to the problem description in this post, so it's hard to tell, but I may have just bumped into the same issue on Ubuntu Lucid trying to install gnumed-server 13.4 (the current from PPA): gm-server_bootstrap just exits with an error.

Could you please give some links or description of what exactly the problem with Russian systems is and was it ever fixed?

Sebastian Hilbert said...

The problem has not been officially reported so I cannot link to it. It involved a problem installing GNUmed-server. One of the issues what that the post-install step failed because of some user/group not beeing existent. This code had been removed.

The other issue was that the locale for PostgreSQL was reported as utf8 instead of UTF8 or the other way around. This has been fixed as well.

Please email us the file gm-bootstrap-latest.log so we can investigate your problem.