Friday, May 14, 2010

GNUmed server on Ubuntu server 10.04

Someone from China recently tried GNUmed (electronic medical record) on Ubuntu. Actually
it was the GNUmed server on Ubuntu server AMD 64bit. He hit a strange problem we had not
seen before. During the post-install step there was an error regarding a missing group called

This led them to believe that the installation failed. That turned out not to be true. While
the root of this is yet to be examined here is the short guide on how to set up GNUmed
on Ubuntu server. There are a number of showstoppers so follow this guide to avoid them.

1.) In the default installation one cannot simply add a PPA to the server. The package
python-software-properties is missing from the default installation. It adds the command

Solve this by running:
sudo apt-get install python-software-properties

2.) Add the GNUmed PPA to your system since the version shiped with Ubuntu 10.04 is outdated.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnumed/ppa

3.) Update your installation sources
sudo apt-get update

4.) there is problem with a missing group called gnumed. This seems to be the case only for Ubuntu server. For now add it with this command.
sudo addgroup gnumed

5.) Install the gnumed-server package
sudo apt-get install gnumed-server

6.) Create a GNUmed database with demo data (username/password: any-doc/any-doc)
sudo gm-boostrap_server

This will give you a working GNUmed database. However to be able to connect from other
clients on the network more configuration (for a secure setup) is neccessary.

This will get you started:

If you hit any problems don't hesitate to contact us (e.g. via the chat in the Wiki)


VM said...

hey since last 3 days i am not able to access gnumed at wiki on

Is there any problem with server?

Sebastian Hilbert said...

Yes there is a problem with the server. We are working on it. Should be back by tomorrow. There was a hardware problem,