Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Please support bug #518784 for Ubuntu - GNUmed in Lucid

Hi all,

Ubuntu is about to release a Long Term Support release (Ubuntu 10.04 aka Lucid).

They have synced GNUmed (electronic medical record) client 0.6.0 and server 12.1. In the meantime we have release the bug fix release 0.6.1 and have filed a bug report against gnumed-client.

Please support the effort to get the latest fixed version into Ubuntu by visiting the following page on launchpad. While there please leave a comment indicating that this affect you as well.


The package is in Debian unstable but will be migrated to Debian testing *after* the auto-sync period for Lucid from Debian testing is over. So the only way to make this happen is a manual sync by the Ubuntu people.

Thanks for your support,

Sebastian for the GNUmed team.


Dan said...

It is unnecessary to garner "me too" comments on the bug report, and in fact, you could have retitled the sync request properly and subscribed the ubuntu-universe-sponsors LP team to move things along more quickly. I've done this already; please be cognizant of this format in the future.

Sebastian Hilbert said...

Thanks for your comment. In the passed I was advised to do the very same thing. Show that it affects users.

I will try to keep it in mind for the future.