Thursday, February 11, 2010

GNUmed Live media available

Hi all,

To put some meat behind the effort to create a medical linux distribution I have started to produce a number of live media.

Currently available are:

1.) Debian based Live-CD (Xfce-based)
2.) openSUSE based Live-CD (KDE4-based)
3.) openSUSE based virtual machine (vmware/virtualbox)
4.) openSUSE based disk image


All versions include a fully configured GNUmed 0.6.2 that can access a local (as in included and running) GNUmed database.

These images are only proof of concept and are intended to serve as a nucleus for a medical linux distribution (that means packaging and including more packages)

Have a look and identify areas that can benefit from a concerted effort (e.g. wallpaper, bootsplash, firefox plugins)


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