Friday, February 05, 2010

GNUmed client 0.6.1 released

Hello all,

thanks to early adopters we can offer the first 0.6
maintenance release:


        - FIX: WRONG most-recent result displayed in measurement type tooltip
        - FIX: missing .GetValue() on abnormality indicator PRW on updating a test result
        - FIX: exception on problem with any placeholder rather than continuing with a notice
        - FIX: work around one more bogus PyDeadObjectError exception
        - FIX: re-add pt_BR translation to release tarball
        - FIX: missing dependencies/faulty paths in
        - FIX: several typos

As usual a database upgrade from v12.0 to v12.1 is NOT
needed. There is also no database fixups so far.

Tarball downloads are available from here:

There's a fixed helper script here:

Please report bugs.


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