Sunday, January 10, 2010

openMolar - Open Source Dental Practice Management Software

I just found out about a software package for dental practices through the Debian med mailing list.
New openMolar Logo Image
It is called openMolar and can be found at the openMolar website. There are screenshots available as well as a video showing it in action. There seems to be a version for Ubuntu, Pardus and Windows.

The author says it should be available for Mac OS X as well but there is no easy to install package yet. The project founder and programmer is a dentist who has an interest in computing. After becoming severely disatisfied by existing commercial applications, he decided to write his own.

For the technically inclined :
OpenMolar leverages some wonderful open source tools.
Python http://www,


DANIEL said...

hey great videos page, very good, I hope to see more work, yours on the web, maybe you can do about dental care

charles ray said...


Thanks for it. But the link ("openMolar website") doesn't exist.

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Indhra Kannan said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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DentalManagementSoftware said...

I like Your Post And Details About Dental clinic software