Wednesday, April 08, 2009

GNUmed plugin development - part 4

Paper is great but we need code to make it appear on screen. At this stage the vision has not yet fully developed. Different from what traditional IT/IS university taught specialists might want to do now I will develop and reshape the code instead of defining detailed specs first.

This is the medical approach. I could try to learn tools like UML to model the plugin with the added benefit of using sophisticated tools to produce code from the model but that is not my preferred approach.

Anyway I downloaded wxglade from as zip file. Unpack it into a directory like /home/user/wxglade and you are good to go. Find the wxglade shell script and change it to make it find in the same directory. Just remove the /usr/lib/foo stuff.

Fire it up and either start a new project or start from one of the wxg in the GNUmed CVS source tree. Oh I don't have the CVS tree copied yet. So lets do that now.

Heading over to in the Dowload section I am presented with the option to either download a snapshot package or get a copy of the CVS tree. SInce I will probably need to get updates often I will go for the CVS option.

I followed this guide and retrieved a copy of the source for local storage.

Update: GNUmed has swithed to GIT for source code management. New guide is available.

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