Tuesday, April 07, 2009

GNUmed plugin development - part 2

Hi all,

Here is what I decided to do.

0.) document what we would like to achieve
1.) develop a mockup GUI on paper
2.) whip up the mockup GUI in wxglade
3.) join and tell the GNUmed mailing list about it
4.) discuss and change the GUI mockup so it will be a *first usable version*
5.) check out the GNUmed source code
6.) take a good look at the source of the plugins already in GNUmed
7.) start hacking on the plugin to get the plugin displayed in GNUmed and basics like patient name
8.) announce the code and share the code with the GNUmed mailing list
9.) start documentation for our plugin in the GNUmed manual

This part is about documenting what I would like to achieve. It is most helpful to document this in the GNUmed wiki. I started a new GNUmed Enhancement Proposal (GEP). The proposal is at GNUmed_{01}_CardiacDevicePlugin.

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