Wednesday, April 08, 2009

GNUmed plugin development - part 3

Computers are great but paper is unbeaten for quick GUI mockups. While putting down a few sketches the ideas develop to a clearer vision.

I want to

a) provide a quick glance overview over the currently active programmed device settings, number of devices, caveats regarding leads, battery
b) provide a quick overview over the previous interrogations and previous , active as well as future problems
c) display the individual encounter/interrogation as well as changes during that session
d) document the current session (device data, programmed settings)
e) document patient's health with regards to the device
f) document EKG findings with and without the device active
g) display reference info such as the information supplied by manufacturers (lead recalls, current scientific studies)

I started GNUmed and took a look if any plugin comes close to what I want. I chose the new progress notes editor and printed a screenshot taken by GNUmed's screenshot feature.

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