Sunday, July 25, 2010

GNUmed web client - demo available

The obligatory screenshots. Web client (rough draft) compared to the wxpython app.

Both clients are connected to the same database at the same time.
Both clients pull the documents from the document archive for the patient Kirk (primary key 12)
Both clients have identical security measures. The credentials are checked against the PG security configuration.
Both clients were coded in python (one in wxpython and one in pyjamas)

The difference is that pyjamas can compile its widgets into Javasscript. That way the user interface can be displayed in a webbrowser.

Why all this ?

You won't see wxpython on mobile devices anytime soon. If Google has its way (and they will) we will see the browser as the application platform on some sort of netbook or tablet
The current state is a good base for further development.

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