Monday, July 19, 2010

GNUmed 0.7.7 has been released

I am happy to announce the GNUmed 0.7.7 maintenance release:


        FIX: DOB could become today in certain corner cases when creating new person [thanks S.Reus]
        FIX: check_drug_interactions() failed with FreeDIAMS [thanks J.Busser]
        FIX: be more careful around changing CWD when creating document from LaTeX [thanks S.Hilbert]
        FIX: exception when save-all'ing multiple notelets [thanks S.Reus, J.Busser]
        FIX: exception when saving medication where is_long_term is true [thanks J.Busser]

                13.6 -> 13.7

        NEW: improved detection of unicode support in server encoding
        NEW: work around os.getcwd() permission problem on Mac
        FIX: even more robust unicode logging [thanks E.Kuznetsov]

This release does NOT require a database upgrade.

Download your copy (it's free !):

This is very close to what will end up in the next stable
Debian so please report bugs !

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