Thursday, March 25, 2010

GNUmed on MS Windows with better support starting at 0.7

With the release of GNUmed electronic medical record 0.7 series only days away considerable effort was put into polishing the GNUmed client and server on MS Windows. For the background on this I direct you to my recent article GNUmed server on MS Windows - changes ahead.

All changes have been tested against the 0.6 series but will make its debut in the 0.7 series. The major changes include:

1.) The client will no longer require any dependencies installed
2.) The client can be run directly from an USB thumb drive
3.) The database installation and bootstrap process requires no user interaction at all

So far noone has responded to my call for testing so I guess Windows as a platform is not important for the electronic medical record.


James Carroll said...

Sebastian Hilbert,

Thank you for the update. I'm excited to see rapid revisions and rapid releases. I will be testing GNUmed on Windows in the next week.


Sebastian Hilbert said...

OpenSource is about releasing often and releasing early. That way we gather feedback to make GNUmed better then it is today.