Sunday, March 14, 2010

GNUmed 0.7 Release Candidate 1

Karsten has uploaded RC1. This is low beta quality. Please test
and report !



- new: manage diagnostic orgs
- new: manage date of death per patient
- new: manage discontinuation of substance intake
- new: hook after_substance_intake_modified
- new: hook after_test_result_modified
- new: visual progress notes
- new: initial support for FreeDiams drug database frontend

- improved: login dialag:
        - hint about local DB on failure
        - do not show password ;-)
- improved: show allergies in substance intake edit area
- improved: warn on creating database users with empty passwords
- improved: default region/country for new-person creation
- improved: show lab name/contact details in measurement tooltip
- improved: always use new person creation rather than old
- improved: placeholders:
        - name::*::*
- improved: various typos
- improved: do not fail if unable to show part when adding documents
- improved: cleaner display of documents in tree
- improved: ARRIBA is now v2.0.4
- improved: using Git for SCM now

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