Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GNUmed - please support a stable release update (SRU)

Since Jaunty was released we are getting about two automatic bug reports a week because GNUmed crashes on the same version and error in Ubuntu. The reason has been known for a while but a fix did not make it into Ubuntu because of feature freeze.

I have filed a bug with the intent to get a stable release update published. See this bug.

The solution is to either update GNUmed to a fixed version in our PPA or set a supported timezone in GNUmed (this needs a timezone which PostgreSQL can handle).

Please try gnumed-client and gnumed-server from Jaunty (version 0.3.9) and if it crashes please update to 0.4.4 and report your finding on the bug report. That way MOTU might get a better impression if a SRU is worth the effort or not.

If it does not work out we will at least have a better version in Karmic :-)

The GNUmed team

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