Friday, May 08, 2009

Free your mind with mindmapping

While I am wraping my head around the details of the cardiac device pluging I realize just how complex it is to get it right. The software i currently use solves that by ignoring corner cases like a lead being implanted at the right ventricular apex but being paced fom the atrial channel of the generator. It does not cater for the case that a patient has an left ventricular and right ventricular lead but both being connected to the RV channel through an Y-connector.

The XML file is changing almost every minute a new thought comes up. I have been toying with the idea of how to group devices. To do that one has to define what a device is. I have settled for the definition that an ICD-device is actually a virtual device consisting of a generator and a number of leads. Actually the generator consists of a battery, a number of output/input channels and a mainboard that does the signal processing and therapy delivery.

Why so overly complicated. Because you will want to know which of your patients have a device that has just been recalled or if the ICD shocks are related to the lead being flaky. You might also be interested in the fact that the program you applied two years ago led to less shocks than the currently active one.

To even have a chance to get this done right I have started to use a mind mapping tool called vym. It exports to various formats. The map itself is in the test-area for shilbert in the CVS.

Have a look. Right-Click-Display-Image to enlarge it.

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