Thursday, March 05, 2009

GNUmed website - call for help

Hi all,

This is a call for help. During the last few weeks GNUmed has had a shiny webpage which many people liked. While it did not significantly attract more viewers or adopters during that short time period Google analytics stats indicate that it has been well thought through. Well the website is no more. It was largely based on the website of the Banshee project under the impression that the CC-by-SA license would apply. Turns out the license cited did not apply to the layout and graphic content. The banshee community was not happy with my decision to use "their" design. After establishing that remixing the layout was no option for them at all it became evident that their was simply no point in sticking to the webdesign as it was. In short it was believed that GNUmed using the same design as Banshee for the website would water Banshee's brand.

The GNUmed team has decided that no website is worth any copyright dispute. While the Banshee team clearly stated it was their oversight that made my changes legal we see no reason why anyone in the Banshee community should suffer.

This has led to a point where we have removed the GNUmed website and now refer to our Wiki again. Content-wise there is no problem as the website was just a nice representation of the content in the Wiki.

Nevertheless we are looking for a talented design who would like to give the GNUmed website a new face. You have the chance to shape GNUmed's visual identity. You have the chance to show that the new webstite is just as appealing as Banshee's website. You have the chance to contribute to a project that makes a difference to people's health today.

Please post to the GNUmed mailing list if you are keen to take on the challenge.

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