Wednesday, March 04, 2009

GNUmed 0.4.0 released

Hi all,

Over last couple of months the GNUmed team has worked hard to bring you a brand new release. We are proud to announce version 0.4 of GNUmed. This release provides nice and stable new features:

- can show log file from client on demand
- can merge two patients into one
- can edit existing progress note on any encounter
- can access text expansion macros by start-of-keyword
  (will show a list for selection)

- has new hook "after_new_doc_created"
- has minimum HIPAA compliance
- has waiting list
- has random access to plugins
- has screenshots on Linux include window decoration
- has local "installer" for tarball
- has a large part of the user interface translated
  to Brazilian Portuguese (thanks, Rogerio !)

Tarballs are, as usual, here:

Upgrading from the 0.3 branch WILL require a database
upgrade. This is done, again as usual, by the
script. Setting up a brand new v10 database is done by the script.

Many thanks to all the testers out there who helped us catch
bugs early !


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