Friday, November 23, 2007

Bluez Linux no passkey-agent registered

For a GNUmed addon we are working on we need a mobile phone connected to a PC for automatic SMS receival.

There are several packages for Linux available such as Gnokii or Gammu. Each of them supports multiple phone modules. I got a Nokia 6310i online because it is listed as a supported model. Cable connection worked with Gnokii but is unreliable at best. I don't know if this a hardware bug or a software bug.

I switched to bluetooh but it doesn't get much better. I use Gentoo and a very recent bluez package. For some reason the phone is very picky about the USB bluetooth dongle. This is a firmware problem. One is supposed to upgrade to v7.0 oder 5.20. But you need a Nokia service center to do this.I tried a MSI PC2PC bluetooth dongle but that doesn't work so I got another noname dongle which does work. The bluetooth chip in my Lenovo R60 works as well.

Anyway on my OpenSuse 10.3 paring is no problem for either the internal bluetooth or the noname USB bluetooth dongle but on the server I run Gentoo without X. The paring process is a PITA. On a GNOME system the graphical bluetooth applet helps a lot with the pairing but on a system without Xserver the process fails.

If you use hcitool and hcidump you find out that apprently no passkey-agent gets registered. There is a commandline tool calles passkey agent which can be invoked like : passkeyagent --default 0000. Part of the problem seems to be that pairing seems to be split into bonding and authentication. Well bonding seems to work as the phone wants me to input a PIN number but then it just sits there.

As far as I have learned there are three modes to do the authentication: 'auto, 'user' and 'none'. I chose 'user' mode because this supposedly asks the user for the PIN.

Bluez changed quite a bit so the pin_helper option in the hcid.conf file is no more. It is managed by the passkey option nowadays.

Anyway after manually registering a passkey-agent it doesn't bail out but Gnokii doesn't connect when I issue 'gnokii --identify'. Hcidump tells me that a pin request is issued but is cancelled later on.

I am now trying to install an Xserver to make use of the graphical passkey-agents since it is no hardware issue apparently.

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