Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Wir kündigen hiermit stolz die Verfügbarkeit von GNUmed in einer neuen Version an. GNUmed ist für den GNU/Linux , MS-Windows - und Mac OS X (PPC, i386) zu haben. Dank an die fleissigen Programmierer von python, wxpython, PostgreSQL.

GNUmed kommt mit einigen Verbesserungen unter der Haube und natürlich neuen Funktionen. Welche das genau sind kann unter nachgelesen werden.

We are proud to announce the availability of GNUmed for GNU/Linux, MS Windows and MacOS X.

The hooks framework has been extended. The bootstrapper transfers users and runs sanity checks for plausibility after upgrade. Encounter handling now allows a user to start a new encounter on demand. Simple data mining has been added. GNUmed now runs on Mac OS X and supports OsiriX DICOM viewer. Patient picture handling has been properly implemented. Debugging has been
improved for better user feedback. The backend features an improved backup script and a new
restore script, and now requires PG 8.1. A bug in the phrasewheel has been fixed.

Details can be found here:

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Droptic said...

Excelente que GNUmed se haya actualizado, pense que el proyecto estaba muerto, hecho de menos eso si repositorios .deb actualizados, seria ademas excelente un repositorio nightlies deb para los paquetes .CVS

Existe escaso software medico para linux y siempre es una buena noticia de que se esta haciendo algo

Francisco Villalobos Palma
Universidad de Antofagasta

PD: my english is very bad, spanish is better ;)