Wednesday, January 17, 2007

GNUmed in the South African context

There is a blog I came across one day that dealt with the issue of using Ubuntu/Linux in the medical environment of South Africa.

They basically took a look at what is there in terms of software and technology and stumbled over our beloved GNUmed. No hard use case has been defined but it looks like GNUmed is in a state where is actually is able to meet some of their requirements.



Andy Hadfield said...

Howsit Sebastian. Thanks for the punt. SA Doc actaully went through that list of what GNUMed can do for you today - last night. Will get her to jot down some thoughts and reply to your comment.

Where can I check out an already developed interface, besides the wiki? Just how shrink-wrapped is GNUMed - or does it require developer knowledge to put together...

(will try out the USB version asap - very nice little idea).

Sebastian Hilbert said...

On Ubuntu just do apt-get install gnumed-client

For other methods refer to the Wiki or ask on the Forum or Mailing list.