Thursday, January 18, 2007



I got my hands on a new AVISION AV220C2 which is a duplex sheetfed scanner. It's fast and is perfectly supported under MS Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOSX. It supports 9 user configurable scan profiles (image resolution, color, file format, target application) via its scan button.

This actually was motivation to fix the gmScanBackend on Windows which now supports any TWAIN device. I have tested it with a cheap webcam and the new scanner. Nice stuff.

Price tag is around 700 Euro which is not cheap but if you really want go get rid of those old paper documents it's worth your money I guess.

We hope to do some interesting things for GNUmed with it. Watch out for release 0.2.4 for initial support and hopefully 0.2.5 for more advanced stuff.

I would like you to test gmScanBackend with any TWAIN devices you have flying around. Easiest way is to grab version 0.2.4 of the client once it is released, connect to the internet database, open patient kirk, switch to document import and press the scan button.

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