Saturday, June 16, 2012

GNUmed statistics

I am starting to gather some statistics about GNUmed.

In February 2012 and March 2012 (initial data) there are some interesting trends.

About 58% over the visitors to were WIndows users. Of those 30% Linux users (might include spiders) 3,7% indicate using Ubuntu and 0,5% use Debian. However 24,7% use *some* Linux.

We have had roughly 50GB of traffic (website and downloads) on the server and in the first half of March there were 616 hits to the gnumed-versions.txt. This could indicate that one or more people started the GNUmed client(s) 616 times in the first half of March. Assuming there were just 10 people trying out GNUmed would mean thos ten people started GNUmed 61 times each. Which is more then once daily. Be it more or less people it looks like some people are trying out GNUmed.

There were 429 unique visitors (includes spiders I think). Interestingly 80% of the visits were shorter then 30 seconds. Some people do read fast.

In conclusion: We know next to nothing about GNUmed users :-) The only valid indicators are bug reports. So we need more bugs to get more feedback.

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