Sunday, January 23, 2011

PostgreSQL 8.4 for GNUmed 0.9

Looks like GNUmed 0.9 will require PostgreSQL 8.4. Preliminary tests indicate that the default values including a silent installation work well with regards to letting GNUmed bootstrap a database. This pretty much means the 0.9 Windows installer can be shipped with PG 8.4.

There is no explicit support for Windows users switching from GNUmed on PG 8.3 (current default) to PG 8.4 (default from 0.9). However the usual procedure stays unchanged.

1.) Backup your databases and roles in a running PG 8.3 or start PG 8.3 on another port (e.g. 5433)
2.) Let the GNUmed-server package install PG 8.4 and the GNUmed update files for you
3.) Make sure it is started on port 5432 (default)
4.) Restore the databases and roles
5.) Upgrade your databases via the GNUmed menu item

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