Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GNUmed 0.8.5 for Mac OSX

Occasionally we have access to a Mac. Make that Mac OS 10.4 (quite dated). Turns out the work put in to make GNUmed 0.7.6 run on Mac was worth the effort. I was able to run an unaltered GNUmed 0.8.5 without any lock ups.

Expecting a user to run GNUmed from a tarball is not really state of the art. The last Mac bundle we have ships GNUmed 0.5 and does not really reflect the current feature set.

Meanwhile we have packaged GNUmed 0.8.5. Please download and report success or failure.

Another solution would be to work on the MacPorts port of GNUmed. I am not aware of any effort. Given the current state of affairs it would be safe to say that the quickest way to run GNUmed on a Mac would be to use the tarball and run this.

Any reports on success or failure are appreciated. You can use the bug tracker to send feedback.

Best regards,
GNUmed team

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