Monday, April 12, 2010

Features for 0.8 - have your say

Just FYI, my tentative TODO for 0.8 is:

- allow nullifying street comment in demographics plugin

- FIX OOo access
- send msg to self (reminder-type)
- visual progress notes:
        - improved template/file selection
        - add popup menu to visual notes list double click:
                - edit
                - display
        - display per encounter in tree
- freediams 0.4.0
- labs/meds: tabular formatting / placeholder

- vaccination handling
- visualize lab results
        templates, type "gnuplot"
- patient tags

Not sure whether all of it will make it or not. We'll see.

People should feel free to speak up as to what they'd like
to help me with getting done (including items not on my
above list). For the record: the visual progress notes
feature made it for 0.7 because the user who asked for it
actively helped in getting it down into code ! (no
programming needed ...)

The major feature I am really interested in getting into 0.8
would be vaccination handling. It'll come with a somewhat
simplified functionality (but still clean implementation)
compared to what we already have (but not yet released).

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