Saturday, November 21, 2009

GNUmed 0.4 series in Ubuntu

Karmic ships the GNUmed electronic medical record application. Both the client and the server part are included. Jaunty shipped a buggy version which would (user approved) call home and report the bug. That way we had a feeling how many people attempted to use GNUmed.

Karmic ships GNUmed client 0.4 series which is a lot more stable. So far noone has called home. That either means that GNUmed is indeed stable or noone is trying it :-)

As far as I know there are no statistics available on the downloads of the packages. Even the PPA don't have the feature unless I have missed something.

It is a little sad to be left in the dark how many people are looking at GNUmed.


Giuseppe said...

many more users than you may imagine are waiting for a stable, simple yet powerful EMR... keep up the good work and consider simplifying the ui (time matters when you sit in front of a patient, others are waiting even if you're in hopital). thank you, i'll test gnumed soon again... last time was some years ago!

Giuseppe said...
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Sebastian Hilbert said...

Hi Guiseppe,

The quest for a simplified UI is too broad. Please help us from your experience where the UI can be improved. Thank you very much for your comment.

You say that many users are waiting for an emr. Can you be more specific ? We have the opposite feeling. Do you know how to reach those users ?