Saturday, October 03, 2009

GNUmed needs a press kit

Hi all,

I am looking for a voluteer to write up non-technical about GNUmed. If you can spare a minute please write a page or so that can be distributed to press and press-alike people.

Background: I was talking to the openSUSE guys about including it into the distribution and writing about it in the suse blogs.

They asked me to provide some non-technical information on GNUmed.

I believe this document should include:

- GNUmed is an electronic medical record program

- Targeted at medical offices - not hospitals

- aimed at record keeping - not billing

- talk about some features

- talk about use cases

- who creates it and why

- what is desired for the future

Any help is really appreciated. I believe GNUmed's current feature set is big enough to raise awareness that GNUmed can be used in certain settings today.


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